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Cloth Pad Starter Kit


Product Description

This 6 pack starter kit is great for the women that are making the switch from disposable to cloth pads! The benefits of switching to cloth pads are innumerable. First, and most importantly, you stop putting chemicals on the most sensitive absorbent skin on your body, your vagina. Your endocrine system will thank you for it. Some other major reasons you NEED to make the switch is you will lessen or eliminate heavy bleeding and cramping, have shorter menstrual cycles, less bleeding and minimal to no odor that the plastic and chemicals in disposable pads cause. You remove the risk of toxic shock syndrome (TSS) by eliminating the chemicals. Using cloth reduces your risk of rashes and infections. If washed and cared for properly, these pads can last for at least a year if not longer. *For smaller sizes for a young girl or teenager please note in the comment section upon checkout. The Cloth Pad Starter Kit Includes: 2-Heavy Flow Pads 2-Moderate Flow Pads 2-Light Flow/Pantyliners Pads *Washing instructions will be included.


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